From past teacher training days

“Probably the most stimulating and provocative one day course I’ve attended on the Philosophy of Religion.”

“My knowledge/understanding of the subject as a wider whole is one of my main concerns about teaching the course, and this has been addressed. I know I’ll learn a lot at future ALP INSET days.”

“[After attending] Results were uniformly one grade higher than in previous years.”

“excellent guidance and a small group that encouraged participation”

“good presentation, excellent content and tone”

“The choice of topics was spot on.”

“I particularly liked the way in which all the sessions picked up on points from the mark schemes and specification and clarified them.”

“I feel more prepared and less anxious about starting to teach a unit.”

“It provided excellent practical tips as well as furthering my subject knowledge.”

“I have found that it motivated me more than any other course I have been on.”

From past student conferences

“accessible and compelling; very enjoyable”

“excellent handouts”

“the conferences answer a very important need… and I have thoroughly enjoyed them”

“very clear style of lecturing”

“different voices reinforcing and introducing topics at an appropriate level”

“very relevant to the course”

“succinct, illuminating, fun”

“it helps to feel part of a national body”

“the speaker was very much in control of his subject”

“It has given me lots of new ideas”

“the speakers were very good at dealing with questions”

From past events in schools

“Dr Lacewing visited students as part of their A2 revision weekend. He delivered two sessions and a Q&A session, switching seamlessly between Philosophy of Mind and Ethics. His delivery was engaging and perfectly pitched. Students were absorbed by the content of his talks and the style in which they were delivered, with opportunities to discuss and ask questions built-in as intervals throughout. Now, as we prepare for the exams, they have everything they need to reach for their target grades and beyond.” Lorwyn Randall, Assistant Principal, Kingsbridge Community College May 2016

“My A2 students couldn’t stop buzzing this afternoon. I had to be quite severe and insist on a timed essay” – Ann Watson-Broughton, Ivybridge Community College

“your visit has helped to raise the profile of philosophy within the school… We would very much like to repeat the experience” – Belinda Seward, Torquay Boys Grammar School

“a very interesting and useful lecture” – Kelly Trust, Ousedale School

“The students were really appreciative, and the evening group in particular found your guidance on the long essay helpful… I hope we’ll be able to draw on your expertise again next year.” – Sue Acheson, Croydon College

“thank you so much for your brilliant talks last Friday – we have had so much positive feedback from the girls, who found it really interesting and useful for their coursework” – Victoria Thompson, Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls