Who we are

Dr Michael Lacewing

img_3953-1Michael delivers all the conferences for teachers and students.

He is Reader in philosophy and Director of Research at Heythrop College, University of London, where he teaches Ethics, Philosophy of Mind, and Philosophy of Psychology. Michael is on the Executive Committee of the British Philosophical Association, the association for philosophy in British higher education. He has written several textbooks for A level philosophy, all published by Routledge.

Michael’s interests lie in the overlap between ethics and mind, in particular, psychoanalysis. His current research is on the relationship between how we feel and what we think and on psychoanalytic accounts of the origins of our minds and our values. Michael studied at Manchester, Oxford, and Reading universities before joining Heythrop in 2001.

Lizzy Lewis

img_5126Lizzy is a Partner of ALP.  She organises all aspects of ALP events and is the main point of contact.

Initially a primary school teacher, school governor then teacher trainer, Lizzy Lewis is a UK based consultant and speaker, specializing in Philosophy for Children (P4C). Her current roles include P4C school training (as a registered SAPERE Trainer), Development Manager for SAPERE (UK charity promoting P4C), and Secretary of ICPIC (The International Council of Philosophical Inquiry with Children). Lizzy has published articles in this field and co-edited Philosophy for Children through the Secondary Curriculum, Continuum, 2012. Lizzy is a Director of Thinking Space, on the Advisory Board for BRILA Youth Projects and Associate of the Philosophy in Education Project.