Useful links


The Window: Philosophy on the Internet
Philosophy Pages
Indiana Philosophy Ontology Project: a high-powered taxonomy of philosophy of philosophy on the web
Erratic Impact Philosophy research base
Philosophy Experiments
Philosophy Sites by Topic
Big Questions Online: from the Templeton Foundation (so with a Christian agenda)
Philosophy News
History of Modern Philosophy
Guide to the World’s Philosophers
Zeno’s Coffee House
Pathways to Philosophy
World Question Centre 2008
Phil Papers
: International survey of contemporary philosophers’ views
Squashed Philosophers
Philosophy Education Resource Guide

Podcasts/radio and TV

Philosophy Bites: Podcast of top philosophers on bite-sized topics
Learnoutloud: podcasts
Learnoutloud: audio books and videos
Philosophy Now Podcasts
Pufendorf Lectures: podcasts of lectures by some of the best philosophers in the world
History of Philosophy Podcasts: the whole history, no gaps, by Peter Adamson – by summer 2014, from the beginnings to Plotinus
Why? Radio show
Philosophers’ Zone
Philosophy Talk (‘the program that questions everything… except your intelligence)
BBC’s In Our Time
Philosophy TV
The Dossier: contemporary affairs
Does science have all the answers?


The Socrates’ Argument Clinic

Philosophical question and answer services

Philosophical Answers
Ask a Philosopher

Sites intended for schools

Philosophy Online
The Richmond Philosophy Pages
Open University


Fallacy Files
One Good Move
The Non Sequitur
Changing Minds

Reference works

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy


The Philosophers’ Magazine
Philosophy Now
Dialogue: for Philosophy of Religion and Ethics
Philosophy Compass: more in-depth survey articles

Philosophical films and videos

Philosophers on Film: a book series from Routledge
Movies by Philosophical Theme
Philosophical Films
A number of the films of Roberto Rossellini are biopics of philosophical figures, including Socrates, St Augustine, Pascal and Descartes
Great Ideas in Philosophy course
The Examined Life: 26 videos on philosophical topics, available as a set here or individually here
Philosophy and Religion Video Interviews from the University of Gloucestershire
Ethics Online – Religious Studies, Philosophy, and Ethics films for GCSE/A Level and IB
Does Knowledge Exist? by Alun and Simon Gordon


The British Philosophical Association
Royal Institute of Philosophy
SAPERE: Philosophy for Children (P4C)
Higher Education Academy: philosophy and religious studies
The Philosophy Foundation

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