Useful links

Useful links


Philosophy Pages
Indiana Philosophy Ontology Project: a high-powered taxonomy of philosophy of philosophy on the web
Erratic Impact Philosophy research base
Philosophy Experiments
Philosophy Sites by Topic
Big Questions Online: from the Templeton Foundation (so with a Christian agenda)
Philosophy News
Guide to the World’s Philosophers
Zeno’s Coffee House
Pathways to Philosophy
World Question Centre 2008: 165 thinkers answer the question ‘How have scientific findings and arguments changed your mind?’
Phil Papers
: International survey of contemporary philosophers’ views
Squashed Philosophers
Philosophy Education Resource Guide
The benefits of studying philosophy

Podcasts/radio and TV

Philosophy Bites: Podcast of top philosophers on bite-sized topics
Learnoutloud: podcasts
Learnoutloud: audio books and videos
Philosophy Now Podcasts
Pufendorf Lectures: podcasts of lectures by some of the best philosophers in the world
History of Philosophy Podcasts: the whole history, no gaps, by Peter Adamson – by summer 2014, from the beginnings to Plotinus
Why? Radio show
Philosophers’ Zone
Philosophy Talk (‘the program that questions everything… except your intelligence)
BBC’s In Our Time
Philosophy TV
The Dossier: contemporary affairs
Does science have all the answers?: Mary Midgley in discussion with Peter Atkins
8-bit philosophy:  Video games used to teach fundamental philosophical ideas
Top 40 Philosophy: Each podcast examines a hit pop, rock, rap, or country song, introducing listeners both to philosophical methodology and to the great concepts and thinkers of the tradition
Crash course philosophy: YouTube videos covering a wide range of skills and topics

Philosophical films and videos

Philosophers on Film: a book series from Routledge
Philosophical Films
Great Ideas in Philosophy course
The Examined Life: 26 videos on philosophical topics
Ethics Online – Religious Studies, Philosophy, and Ethics films for GCSE/A Level and IB
Does Knowledge Exist? by Alun and Simon Gordon
The Royal Institute of Philosophy: lectures on various topics
The Royal Institute of Philosophy YouTube channel
Stephen Law’s Evil God movie


The Socrates’ Argument Clinic

Philosophical question and answer services

Philosophical Answers
Ask a Philosopher

Sites intended for schools

Dialogue Australasia Network
The Richmond Philosophy Pages
‘Philosophical investigations’: Philosophy and Ethics for Religious Studies


The Nizkor Project
The Non Sequitur
Changing Minds
Your logical fallacy is… (download a free fallacies poster!)

Reference works

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy


The Philosophers’ Magazine
Philosophy Now
Dialoguefor Philosophy of Religion and Ethics
Philosophy Compass: more in-depth survey articles


Association of Philosophy Teachers (APT)
The British Philosophical Association
Royal Institute of Philosophy
SAPERE: Philosophy for Children (P4C)
The Philosophy Foundation

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